Compass Design System

Case study in progress.

The design system of real estate

My contribution to the project was to:

  • design, plan, build, release, announce, test, map dependencies, for new components, patterns, and best practices across Web, iOS & Android,
  • standardize team methodology across designers,
  • write content for, publish, and evangelize a Design System Documentation website,
  • conduct user research sessions with Design System consumers to learn about areas of opportunity,
  • onboard designers, engineers, and Product Managers to the Compass Design System,
  • mentor mobile designers on best practices during high-stakes Mobility Reviews with leadership.

To date, the Compass Design System contains:

  • a Figma library of shared components, icons, UX patterns, and styles,
  • > 57 components written in React and CSS,
  • a 188-page website of documenting all components, best practices, code samples, and APIs for all tokens, atoms, components and patterns
  • product content guidelines for writing for the Compass platform,
At the time of writing, the Compass Design System is in active use at Compass by all web front-end, iOS, and Android teams. It powers 600 engineers, 85 designers, and $254M of real estate transactions yearly.

Company: Compass Real Estate
Team: Corey Greeneltch, Jane Park, Hiram Moncivais, Lucas Reis, Keri Martin, Trevor Burnham, Michael Haggerty-Villa, Kingsley Ehiogu, Kayoung Lee, Bill Heberer, Zachary Plata
Role: Staff Product Designer & Front-End Developer
Timeline: 2021-2022
Status: in active use