Headshot of a smiling person wearing a blue shirt, with waved hair parted to the side, and a light beard.

I'm a Design Lead at CBC/Radio-Canada,
Co-Chair for Interaction 21,
Master of Interaction Design, Hyperpolyglot, and Programmer based in Montréal, Canada.

I have over 13 years of experience working with teams and organizations, building and shipping meaningful digital experiences. I've collaborated with brands such as Google, Facebook, Ubisoft, EF Education First, Lightspeed, JBL, Harman Kardon, Audi, Jaguar, Ford, and Lincoln. My work helps people reach goals they set out to accomplish.

How I work

Companies I've worked with


IxDA Local Leader for Montreal since 2018

Talks & Awards

UID Talks 2013 lin'guage - Self-Directed Language Learning
Umeå, Sweden

Swiss Design Network 2012 Disruptive interactions in blind gaming
Lugano, Switzerland

Nokia Mindtrek Ubimedia awards 2011 Honorable Mention for Service Design
Tampere, Finland

SIDeR 2011 Why designers should learn to code
Copenhagen, Denmark

Side Projects

Because I worked as a programmer for so many years, the love of coding has never left me. So far, I've published 2 Android applications. The userbase totals more than 90 000 users.

I have also produced Open Source packs of graphical assets for other designers to freely download.