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The EF Classroom

EF prides itself in bringing real teachers into the English-language education of students all over the world. A cornerstone of this experience is the Online Classroom.

Already deeply involved with a generic Adobe Connect™ and its proprietary Flash technology, EF needed to make a change. In a bold move, EF decided to build and deploy its own multi-user interactive classroom, including the voice and video communication. This was a great opportunity to connect deeply with teachers and students to build a product tailored to their needs and to our educational content.

My contribution to the project was to:

  • plan the project lifecycle (scope, strategy, design, development, testing, rollout, launch),
  • initial definition of problem-space and user research,
  • design the students' UX for 3 platforms (web, tablet, mobile),
  • design the teachers' UX for web,
  • build interactive prototypes aimed at user-research,
  • perform user research and design validation in Mandarin,

Company: EF Education First (Shanghai, China)
Team: Lilith Lin, Chriest Yu, Chris Chen
Role: User Experience Designer
Timeline: October 2014 to July 2015
Status: EF Classroom is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

View the case-study of a project on student churn of the previous EF Classroom.

Teacher Observation

Bespoke Features

  • Class Management
  • Tailored Teaching Content
  • Microphone Rights Control

Students can learn anywhere, at their convenience.

Consistent Across The Board


Unique, tailor-made, cross-device, and readable.

Fully featured, even on touch devices!