Jaguar Art of Performance Tour

Jaguar Art of Performace Tour (捷豹 感知性能美学)

A collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover and Imagination; The Art of Performance Tour brings forward Jaguar Land Rover's classic British Heritage in an exposé that bridges trusted performace to to the way humans connect with Jaguar's powerful machines.

Art of Performance marries the iconic design language of Jaguar vehicles with 3 digital installations in 20 cities across China.

My contribution to the projects were:

For all activations:

  • imagine concepts for digital activations,
  • validate concepts for brand and local culture fit,
  • ensure quality, stability, and deployability of activations.

For the World Record Cam:

  • hardware design for photo booth installation,
  • design the content delivery pipeline,
  • end-to-end implementation of the required Android & Mac apps,
  • video and audio editing of shareable souvenir,
  • UX & UI Design on remote control tablet,

For the Reactive Wall:

  • prototype visuals and concepts to capture an accurate feel for the participants,
  • produce design and experience specifications for distribution to remote development teams,

For the Paint Studio:

  • source local artists to create blank-canvas sketches of Jaguar cars,

Client: Jaguar Land Rover™
Team: Mauricio Estrella, Sam McMorran, Samuel Walsh, Iain Greenhalgh
Agency: The Imagination Group
Role: Senior Creative
Status: Deployed to 20 cities across China from January to March 2016
Timeline: December 2015

1. World Record Cam

2. Reactive Wall

3. Paint Studio

World Record Cam

I led the design for hardware, software, and implementation of the World Record Cam. In this activation, participants would dress up as legendary stunt driver Terry Grant, place themselves in a photo booth, receive a countdown and a prompt, after which an automated remote-controlled rig would snap a F-PACE themed high-speed motion-photo to be shared on WeChat (Chinese social media).

This activation strategically re-used code, and hardware design from a previous installation for Ford Motors which occured at the New Delhi Auto Show 2016.

Jaguar-themed backdrop for taking the motion-photo
Jaguar-themed backdrop for taking the motion-photo
Slo-mo souvenir, shareable on WeChat
Early prototype of a tablet-controlled camera rig.

Reactive Wall

The Jaguar F-PACE is a technologically advanced vehicle, passively attentive to its driver's every movement. To embody this concept, we invisioned a large interactive wall which evolves and reacts as passerbys come and go.

Reactive Wall Setup for Suzhou, Jiangsu province
Reactive Wall Setup for Suzhou, Jiangsu province
Video compilation of the effects available on the reactive wall.
Large spots of particles indicate a person passing by.
Progress video of the Reactive Wall still in development,
with some explanations from the Producer on the project.

Paint Studio

Just as the car designers at Jaguar bring vehicles to life through sketching, so can participants with the Jaguar Paint Studio.

Provided with 6 artist-drawn sketches of cars, and 4 color pallettes, participants could bring their a car sketch to life on a digital screen, using a real paintbrush.

A younger participant, choosing a color palette.
A younger participant, choosing a color palette.
A participant adding the final touches to her piece.