EF Classroom - Research, UX & UI Design

The EF Classroom

EF prides itself in bringing real teachers into the English-language education of students all over the world. A cornerstone of this experience is the Online Classroom.

Already deeply involved with a generic Adobe Connect™ and its proprietary Flash technology, EF needed to make a change. In a bold move, EF decided to build and deploy its own multi-user interactive classroom, including the voice and video communication. This was a great opportunity to connect deeply with teachers and students to build a product tailored to their needs and to our educational content.

Teacher Observation

Bespoke Features

  • Class Management
  • Tailored Teaching Content
  • Microphone Rights Control

Students can learn anywhere, at their convenience.

Consistent Across The Board


Unique, tailor-made, cross-device, and readable.

Fully featured, even on touch devices!

My title during this project was "Project Champion👑". I was involved from early planning stages in October 2014, and went to work on UX design for 3 platforms (web, tablet, mobile), visual design, building interactive prototypes, user research and design validation.
In September 2015, the software was stable enough to conduct live trials between teachers and students. We used this opportunity to validate the work we had done on teachers usage.

Team: User Experience & Design @ EF Education First (Shanghai, China)
Role: User Experience Designer

EF Classroom is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Click here for a case-study of a project on student churn of the previous EF Classroom.